Satellite Symposia


Wednesday, June 24

SY 301 Terumo Main Auditorium
  Interventional oncology, because experience matters  
  Moderator: K. Malagari (Athens/GR)  
  Introduction by the moderator  
  LifePearl: drug-elutable microspheres. First in-human experiences
K. Malagari (Athens/GR), C. Aliberti (Ferrara/IT)
  Occlusafe: potential clinical applications in EU
P. Chevallier (Nice/FR)
  HydroPearl: Terumo's new bland embolisation microspheres. Key features & pre-clinical data
G.M. Cruise (Tustin, CA/US)
  Conclusions & Questions  
SY 302 Covidien Main Auditorium
  Liquid embolic as an agent for portal vein embolisation and treatment of endoleaks type I and II  
  Moderator: I. Keussen (Lund/SE)  
  Introduction by the moderator  
  Onyx™ liquid embolic system: a new technique for treatment of type I and II endoleak
D.-D. Do (Berne/CH)
  Portal vein embolisation using ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer
M. Ronot (Geneva/CH)
  Questions and answers  
SY 601 Siemens Healthcare Main Auditorium
  From established to new embolization procedures – useful imaging tools  
  Live on stage image processing session: learn how to utilize DynaCT in everyday IO treatment
T.F. Jakobs (Munich/DE)
  Bariatric embolization
C.R. Weiss (Baltimore, MD/US)
SY 602 Hansen Medical Lecture Room
  Clinical update on robotic embolisation  
  Presentations by
M. Sapoval (Paris/FR)
M. Hamady (London/UK)


Thursday, June 25

SY 700 Covidien Lecture Room
  Vascular plug and detachable coils for SIRT embolisation and acute bleedings treatment  
  Moderator: P. Gerwins (Uppsala/SE)  
  Introduction by the moderator  
  Clinical experience with MVP™ micro vascular plug system
J. Golzarian (Minneapolis, MN/US)
  Embolisation in emergency setting, how to treat?
G. Carrafiello (Varese/IT)
  Questions and answers  
SY 901 Boston Scientific Main Auditorium
  Master the embolisation – art and science  
  Moderator: F. Moeslein (Baltimore, MD/US)  
  Dynamic access solutions with Direxion™ torqueable microcatheter
F. Moeslein (Baltimore, MD/US)
  Effective arterial coiling – technical considerations and decision making
F. Wolf (Vienna/AT)
  Venous applications? – transferring the art
D. Beckett (London/UK)
SY 902 Sirtex Medical Europe GmbH Main Auditorium
  SIRFLOX – a new age of evidence-based interventional radiology  
  Moderator: R. Cianni (Latina/IT)  
  The SIRFLOX study – latest results and implications
R.A. Sharma (Oxford/UK)
  Panel discussion
B. Garlipp (Magdeburg/DE)
G.A. Maleux (Leuven/BE)
G. Masi (Pisa/IT)
P. Rougier (Paris/FR)
R.A. Sharma (Oxford/UK)
SY 1201 BTG Lecture Room
  Why evidence matters  
  Moderator: J. Urbano (Madrid/ES)  
  DC Bead® supporting the 4th pillar of oncology
T. Ferrer (Seville/ES)
  Clinical outcomes with TheraSphere® in mCRC: where are we now?
R.A. Sharma (Oxford/UK)


Friday, June 26

SY 1501 Cook Medical Main Auditorium
  Emborrhoid - embolisation of the superior rectal arteries. A new challenge for IR  
  Moderator: M.R. Sapoval (Paris/FR)  
  Presentation by
V. Vidal (Marseille/FR)
SY 1502 Penumbra Main Auditorium
  Penumbra’s embolisation and thrombectomy technology: changing the paradigm of peripheral treament  
  Does volume advantage matter? Experience using large volume detachable coils (RubyTM Coil) in the peripheral vasculature
F. Wolf (Vienna/AT)
  PODTM embolisation device: technology for high flow vessel occlusion
J. Golzarian (Minneapolis, MN/US)
  Revascularisation of acute ischemia and thrombo-embolic complications in below-the-knee and visceral arterial circulation utilising Indigo® thromboembolectomy system
Z.J. Haskal (Baltimore, MD/US)


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