Hands-on Workshops

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Coils & Plugs
Coordinators: K.A. Hausegger (Klagenfurt/AT), O. van Delden (Amsterdam/NL)
Instructors: A. Basile (Catania/IT), E. Brountzos (Athens/GR), M. Darcy (St. Louis, MO/US), A. Fohlen (Caen/FR), G.A. Maleux (Leuven/BE), O. Pellerin (Paris/FR), P. Vilares Morgado (Porto/PT), J. Urbano (Madrid/ES)

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to work with a variety of coils, plugs and delivery devices using flow models. Operators of all experience levels are welcome. Experienced instructors will supervise participants as they explore using the material, and will share their best technical "tips and tricks".

Learning Objectives:

  • To become familiar with different types of coils and plugs and their specific properties
  • To become familiar with different kinds of delivery devices for coils and plugs and their specific properties
  • To learn about the various techniques used to deploy coils and plugs
  • To become aware of the kinds of problems that can be encountered during coil and plug placement, and how to potentially solve them

HoW 1: Wednesday, June 24, 14:15-15:45
HoW 2: Wednesday, June 24, 16:15-17:45
HoW 3: Thursday, June 25, 14:15-15:45


Particles & Gelfoam
Coordinators: A. Fohlen (Caen/FR), H. Rio Tinto (Lisbon/PT), D. Vorwerk (Ingolstadt/DE)
Instructors: T.J. Kroencke (Augsburg/DE), K. Malagari (Athens/GR), K. Osuga (Suita, Osaka/JP), C.R. Weiss (Baltimore, MD/US)

This workshop will provide extensive information about, and hands-on exposure to, a large variety of particles and gelfoam. Both experienced practitioners and those at the beginning of their IR career are welcome. Supervised by the expert faculty, participants will have the opportunity to prepare the materials and discuss various aspects of their application, including particle size, preparation, indications, delivery and possible complications. This is a great opportunity for hands-on interaction with, and preparation of, both particles and gelfoam.

Learning Objectives:

  • To become familiar with particulate agents and gelfoam, and to understand their specific features and applications.
  • To understand the proper embolisation technique and indications for the use of particles and gelfoam.
  • To understand the proper preparation and delivery of these embolic agents.
  • To become familiar with complications, both general and specific, that can result from the use of these agents, and how to minimise and manage them.

HoW 4: Thursday, June 25, 16:15-17:45


Glue, Onyx and liquid embolics, including sclerotherapy
Coordinators: J. Urbano (Madrid/ES), V. Vidal (Marseille/FR)
Instructors: H. Abada (Abu Dhabi/AE), M. Grosso (Cuneo/IT), M.J. Lee (Dublin/IE), R. Loffroy (Dijon/FR), O. Pellerin (Paris/FR), P. Rowlands (Liverpool/UK), S. Samuels (Miami, FL/US), W.F. Yakes (Englewood, CO/US)

The goal of this workshop is to provide a setting in which, under the direction of experienced faculty, participants become familiar with indications, management, advantages and risks of liquid and sclerosing agents. Liquid embolic agents are not particularly popular, but have certain properties that are very valuable and make them very powerful tools. Liquid agents may act as embolics, sclerosants or both. We welcome participants of all experience levels who are interested in gaining practical knowledge of the nuances of liquid embolic material choice, preparation, and delivery.

Learning Objectives:

  • To know the indications of liquid embolic agents
  • To understand the proper technique of glue and onyx preparation and delivery
  • To understand the similarities and differences between glue and onyx
  • To know the different sclerosing agents and understand their preparation and delivery  technique
  • To learn about complications of liquid and sclerosing agents

HoW 5: Friday, June 26, 14:15-15:45
HoW 6: Friday, June 2616:15-17:45
HoW 7: Saturday, June 27, 08:00-09:30



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